photo north JHNorth Junior High is the next step for grades 6-8 immersion students.  It's located in our North St. Cloud community, within walking distance of Madison Elementary. Students at North switch to a more mainstream environment as they share STEAM classes with their community peers, alongside their dedicated immersion Social Studies and Language Arts courses.  Extensive extracurricular academic and athletic opportunities keep students invested and busy.

 In Middle school, it starts to become visible how immersion students' English skills are ahead of their peers.  Our teacher finds that being able to compare grammar syntax between the two languages helps students with both languanges.  

Students at this age are starting to be equipped to engage with real-world resources.  They might research using Chinese-language sources, or look up high-speed train tickets to plan travel, or read weather reports from the official Chinese website.  These are not only Chinese learning, but also valuable life and study skills.


Check out what our North classroom looks like (in 2023).

NorthClassroom 1 reduced

 NorthClassroom 2 reduced

 NorthClassroom 3 reduced