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Welcome to a new way of learning!

A language immersion program is available in Mandarin Chinese at Madison Elementary School for kindergarten through seventh grade students, with a higher grade level added each year. At Madison, students are immersed in Chinese while they learn mathematics, science, reading, writing and other curriculum subjects. Immersion means that teachers communicate only in Chinese while teaching students.

Our program is available to any student, including native Chinese speakers who enhance learning for English speakers and see many benefits themselves. We are actively seeking new enrollment at this time. There are no additional costs associated with the immersion program. It operates as any class at Madison.

Benefits of Learning Two Languages

  • Enhances academic and linguistic performance in both languages
  • Promotes cognitive advantages by physically enhancing brain development
  • Increases career and social opportunities
  • Expands world view
  • Scores statistically higher on SAT college entrance exams
  • Increases attendance at colleges and universities
  • Improves English language skills
  • Enhances learning capacity for life


This website was created by members of the Parents Action Committee, a group of Madison Elementary parents who would like the community to better understand this program and how it impacts them. We welcome you, and we hope you come away with as much enthusiasm for the program as we have.

Happy learning!